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At M & L Services we design, fabricate and install industrial pipework systems of all materials.

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  • Stainless Steel screwed, compression and press fit systems.

  • Galvanised/Plated Steel (flanged spools, screwed and press fit)

  • Epoxy Coated Steel (prefabricated flanged spools)

  • Lined Mild Steel (PTFE & PFA lined flanged spools)

  • Mild Steel (welded, screwed, grooved and press fit)

  • Stainless Steel welded systems (schedule, metric and ISO thin wall, pharmaceutical and hygienic food types)

  • Thermoplastic & Thermosetting plastic piping systems (butt, socket and electro fusion and solvent cement systems)

  • Copper (soldered, compression and press fit)

  • Ductile Iron (flanged and mechanical joint systems)

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